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Feb Thu 11, 2016, 12:18 AM

Why Landlords should care about Tenant Safety

Image of Fire Exit SignAs a landlord you are legally required to provide safe homes for your tenants, however some landlords, even those that have been in the industry for years, are still unsure what this actually entails. There are dozens of things in each and every home that could be considered ‘dangerous’, some of which are your responsibility to protect your tenants from and some of which are not. So how do you keep your tenants safe and where do you start? Continue reading

What punishments should Rogue Landlords face?

Image of the Old BaileyThe issue of rogue landlords has been in the news numerous times over the past few years due to the increasing dependence of the UK public on the private rental sector. It is assumed that over the next few months political parties will start to make clear their stances on rogue landlords and the punishments they should face, however punishing rogue landlords isn’t as easy as most people think. Here, Just Landlords explains in more detail: Continue reading

Win an Outdoor Garden Clock with Just Landlords!


Now that the weather is finally warmer it’s time for landlords to pay special attention to their gardens. Over the winter months landlords generally spend less time worrying about their gardens, which means that they could likely do with a bit of TLC now that summer is here! Continue reading

How Location is Determining the Property Market

Arial View of LondonLast week the BBC published a news story discussing two properties that are selling for extortionately different prices even though they are on the same street – and it is the property in worse condition that is selling for more. However, the difference is that one of the properties is technically based on Hazelwood Road, east London while the other is based on Hazelwood Road, Wigan – leading to the prices differing by a massive £85,000. The saying ‘location, location, location’ has therefore never been more true, and here we look at how location is determining the property and lettings markets: Continue reading

Power and how to find the right balance for Landlords

Image of scalesNearly everyone has an opinion when it comes to landlords and how much power they should have for running their businesses and protecting their tenants. This causes a number of issues in the private rental sector as many people claim that landlords should do more for their tenants while at the same time hold onto their power to control their businesses. So how much power should landlords have, why is this such as big issue and, most importantly, what can you do to ensure that you protect both your tenants and your business? Continue reading

When will the Bank of England increase their Interest Rates?

Image of the Bank of EnglandOver the past week the European Parliamentary Election has dominated the headlines, which means that other news has taken a back seat. However, during the week the Bank of England made an important announcement: it is very possible that they could increase their interest rates before spring 2015. If this is the case then landlords need to start protecting their businesses now as it means that their monthly mortgage repayments will soon increase. Here, Just Landlords explains in further detail: Continue reading

Treat your Dad to a 3 Month Friday Night Curry Subscription!

Just Landlords May CompetitionAfter a long week at work there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a well-earned takeaway, however this isn’t always the healthiest thing to do! So here at Just Landlords we have decided to give away a 3 Month Friday Night Curry Subscription which allows you to cook authentic curries in the comfort of your own home. Continue reading

Government announces new Regulations for Letting Agents

Houses of ParliamentThe issue of letting agent fees has been discussed at length by those that work in the industry, landlords, tenants and even MPs. At the moment, many letting agents charge both landlords and tenants ‘finding fees’, which many claim is unfair as it means that they are getting paid twice to do their job. This is just one of the reasons why the Labour party recently put forward proposals to ban letting agents from charging tenants fees altogether, and while this may have not succeeded, regulations are still to change for letting agents. Here, Just Landlords explains in more detail: Continue reading

The Issues Facing the UK’s new Housing Projects

Image of House under ConstructionOne of the biggest causes of the UK’s current housing crisis is the fact that there are not enough properties to meet demand. This means that house prices are increasing rapidly throughout the UK, leading to a large amount of people not being able to afford the properties that are currently available on the market. This is why the coalition government has funded a number of housing projects across the country, however many of these are facing issues. Here, Just Landlords looks at these issues in more detail: Continue reading

How would Labour’s Rent Reforms affect the Private Rental Sector?

Image of Ed MilibandIn just over a year’s time the General Election will take place, however political parties are already making their manifestos clear to the public. Naturally, one of the biggest talking points between all political parties is the state of the property market and the private rental sector due to the ongoing housing crisis. Recently, Labour leader Ed Miliband announced his plans for the private rental sector if Labour came to power next year, and here Just Landlords looks at what has been termed the ‘rent reforms’ in more detail: Continue reading