Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Risk of an Unoccupied Property

Tenants who occupy a property without paying, pose very real dangers to landlords. It was revealed this week that one MP, Mike Weatherly, has written to parliament demanding that squatter’s rights are reconsidered and that it becomes easier for landlords … Continue reading

Where to buy a Holiday Let?

With summer well and truly on its way, the busy season is approaching for landlords of holiday lets both in the UK and abroad. Bookings are being taken, properties are being spring cleaned and the holidaymakers are starting to come … Continue reading

Safeguarding against unreliable tenants

A new website, TenantID, has just been introduced to provide information for landlords on disrespectful or unreliable tenants. Landlords who are members of the online community are able to upload reports on particular tenants and these can then be read … Continue reading

Expanding your Property Portfolio

According to a study conducted by Cluttons Estate Agents, property in London is becoming increasingly hard to come by. Stocks of residential properties are down 60% year on year and this represents a decrease of over 90% since 2008. The … Continue reading

Do I need Overseas Property Insurance?

Letting, or even owning, property overseas can be a challenging business. Having a second home in an exotic location is great, but if you aren’t able to visit your property as often as you like it can be harder to … Continue reading

Repairing your Property

Although you might own a house longer than you’ll own any other possession, sometimes properties are not as robust as you might hope. Houses and flats do need the occasional repair and though this can sometimes be as simple as … Continue reading

Currency Concerns

The fall in the value of the pound has been the subject of much discussion in the property market of late. A report in the Daily Telegraph last month cited the weak pound as the cause of property prices rising … Continue reading

The Property Economy

There’s no doubt we have fallen on difficult times of late. Since the financial crisis we have seen a considerable drop in business confidence and it is now very difficult to know where to put your money. Equity and bond … Continue reading

Feedback for landlords

Early last week, the consumer group Consumer Focus issued a statement proposing an online facility where tenants are able to leave feedback on both good and bad landlords. Consumer Focus believes this would be beneficial to tenants as there is … Continue reading

New to the business?

With the property market recovering and banks beginning to offer more attractive financing options, such as the new 85% loan to value mortgage, now might just be the right time to become a landlord for the first time. Here are … Continue reading