Monthly Archives: July 2011

French Rental Tax Update

You may remember a few weeks ago the mention of a tax on non-French residents owning holiday property in France. Nicholas Sarkozy floated the idea of a 20% tax on overseas property owners to his parliament earlier this year but … Continue reading

Keeping Your Costs Down

It is the same with any walk of life, but as a landlord keeping your costs low is of utmost importance. Normally you will be burdened with an expensive mortgage to pay right from the off and it can be … Continue reading

Playing the Property Game

The property market is a massive part of the UK economy and what goes on in the property market is of direct importance to you as a landlord. Your property, or your portfolio of properties, is the backbone of your … Continue reading

The Risks of Empty Property

As a landlord, it is highly likely that at some point you will find yourself with an empty property. Perhaps you have just bought a new property. Maybe you are starting some renovations, or possibly even just looking for tenants. … Continue reading

Letting Office Space

If you are a sole landlord it is unlikely you have thought about letting office space. A lot of offices, particularly to larger clients, are let by big companies and a private landlord letting office space is not something you … Continue reading

Keep it Clean

Probably the last thing you were thinking when you decided to invest in a rental property was that you would have to worry about cleaning duties. Unfortunately, cleaning is just the sort of thing that, as a landlord, makes a … Continue reading

Taking on Renovations

It is difficult to turn on the TV and not witness one of the many home renovation programmes that we all know and love. In an ordinary week you will witness some absolute masterpieces and, probably, some absolute renovation disasters. … Continue reading

Researching Your Holiday Let

An important part of investing or managing in a holiday property is research. A rental property somewhere in the sunshine might seem like a dream come true, but if you do not conduct proper research you might find that your … Continue reading

Cash is King

It’s an old saying in business, and it seems on the face of it, a bit self explanatory. As a landlord, however, cash is of great importance to you and your livelihood and making sure you’re aware of your cash … Continue reading

Receiving Rent Payments

The theory of being a landlord is simple; you purchase a property, let it to some willing tenants, let the rent roll in to cover the mortgage payments and eventually sell your property at a profit. Of course, in practice … Continue reading