Monthly Archives: November 2011

Landlord & Letting Awards Victory for Just Landlords

We are extremely proud to announce that we have won the coveted Landlord Insurance Services award at last night’s Landlord & Letting Awards. This is an incredible achievement for all of us here at Just Landlords and we are still … Continue reading

Education, Education, Education

The importance of a good education system is paramount and politicians love a good debate about the ins and outs of getting the country educated and motivated. Probably, if you haven’t got children and are over the age of twenty … Continue reading

Cashing In

So, as a landlord, it’s all about getting tenants in, making sure they behave and letting the rent roll in, right? Well, not quite, there’s a whole host of problems and opportunities associated with the buying and selling of rental … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Tenants

It’s difficult to make a call on who or who isn’t right for your property, most markets move very fast these days and it’s not uncommon to have to make a decision in a couple of days as to who … Continue reading

Anti-Social Behaviour

Social landlords have been vocal in past weeks, criticising the government’s plans to allow local councils and housing associations discretionary power to evict tenants committing anti-social behaviour in the local area. Whether you’re a social landlord or not, however, anti-social … Continue reading

Parking Problems

It’s uncommon nowadays to find a household that doesn’t have at least one driver. Such is the integrated nature of our work and social lives that driving is really a necessity for modern day living. Of course, if you’re thinking … Continue reading

Losses and Deficits

When you take risks as a landlord, there’s always a chance they might not work out, and dealing with losses is a reality in the world of the property investor. Funding losses is often difficult and expensive and seeking out … Continue reading

Longevity and Replacements

Furnishings, fixtures and fittings, and particularly white goods, all have their limited lifespan; you can’t really expect a washing machine to go on for more than ten years or a kettle for more than five. It’s difficult judging how long … Continue reading

Bad Weather Ahead?

You may have noticed any number of the reports last week prophesising a tricky future for some parts of the property market, particularly to retail landlords. Investment Property Databank released figures stating that growth in value of offices, shops and … Continue reading

Holiday Property Complaints

Every landlord gets things wrong and, especially when you’re taking on new tenants every week or so, you will find yourself taking on complaints. Holidaymakers like things to be just so and, as they usually spend a considerable amount of … Continue reading