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Feb Sun 14, 2016, 2:32 PM

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Landlords from Hell

If you google the phrase ‘landlord from hell’ you’ll be treated to about six million results from various sources telling stories about terrible behaviour from landlords towards which has, normally, resulted in fines, penalties and even jail sentences. It is … Continue reading

Bad Landlord Clampdown in the Torbay Area

Yesterday, the Mayor of Devon town Torbay approved a £100,000 pot for a clampdown on bad landlords. The mayor and his council are targeting landlords at the lower end of the property market, and who house tenants in squalid conditions … Continue reading

A Good Reputation

All landlords know the perils of taking on bad tenants and for that reason screening processes and credit checks are essential parts of the process of finding a tenant. However, more and more tenants are becoming aware of the bad … Continue reading