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Feb Thu 11, 2016, 6:24 AM

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Bike Storage for Rental Property

The car parking question is very often asked by potential tenants: where is it, how much does it cost and so on, but what is becoming ever more common is for tenants to ask about the possibility of bike storage. … Continue reading

Legal Difficulties for Landlords

Though we all do our utmost to keep on the right side of the law, it’s surprisingly common to see landlords in court for whatever reason. Often cases come out of the blue and though usually there’s a trigger, many … Continue reading

How Often Should You Visit?

Advice on how frequently you should go in to a rental property tends to be pretty mixed. One school says that tenants need to be kept an eye on and, actually, probably appreciate the fact that you are there and … Continue reading

Just Landlords Twitter and Facebook Competition

This month at Just Landlords we are launching two competitions, one on Facebook and one on Twitter. Both prizes are the same on each social media site, an espresso machine. The first competition will be running on our Facebook page. … Continue reading

A Merry Christmas from Just Landlords

It’s been quite a year for us here at Just Landlords, we’ve had heaps of exciting news and, generally, 2012 has been a positive one for landlords all across the country. 2013 should be an equally exciting year, with lots … Continue reading

Snow, Ice and Your Property

We’ve seen a smattering of snow across the UK over the last couple of weeks and Northern Europe has certainly seen its fair share. Before we know it, we could well be approaching a white Christmas! We all love a … Continue reading

New Year Price Rises

Many landlords will be thinking of putting their prices up over the next few weeks as New Year, along with the start of the new tax year, is a popular time for increasing rental charges. Increased input costs have pushed … Continue reading

Landlord Purchases Down 30%

According to a study conducted by BDRC Continental, market research organisation, landlords have been slowing up their appetite for buying compared to this time last year. The average number of purchases came to 1.8 in the third quarter of 2012, … Continue reading

Voluntary Accreditation

It’s unlikely that the government are ever going to oblige landlords to become accredited with a particular body before they let them let property, but there are increasing numbers of landlords who are choosing to sign up. What can becoming … Continue reading

Christmas Vacancies

Christmas is fast approaching and we’ve just less than three weeks until the big day itself. Unfortunately, for a lot of landlords that doesn’t always mean a holiday! Getting through the Christmas period does take some preparation and some planning … Continue reading