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Feb Sat 13, 2016, 2:23 AM

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Document Checking

We all know just how important screening tests are and how it can be difficult to find the right tenants for your property. Bad tenants are a physical risk to your property and a risk to your finances and are … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Tenants

It’s difficult to make a call on who or who isn’t right for your property, most markets move very fast these days and it’s not uncommon to have to make a decision in a couple of days as to who … Continue reading

Finding the Right Tenant

There’s a number of elements to being a landlord and often each new day can bring a different challenge. Finding the right property can be difficult, but once you’ve found your property you’ll need to make sure you fill it! … Continue reading

New Tenant Database – A Good Idea?

A married couple, both landlords, have developed a database that allows tenants who fall into arrears to be logged and tracked by future landlords. It certainly isn’t good news if you’re a tenant in arrears, but what does this mean … Continue reading