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Feb Sat 13, 2016, 8:43 AM

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Tenants and Illegal Activity

It’s something that all landlords dread: letting a property out to tenants who then partake in illegal activity. The problem is that many landlords don’t even know that the tenants are involved in such things before it is too late, … Continue reading

Landlord and Tenant Relationships

The relationship between a landlord and their tenants is generally quite fragile as arguments can sometimes erupt over the smallest disagreements. The main problem is that both landlords and tenants feel they have a right to the property the tenant … Continue reading

Conducting Fair Inspections

The line between looking after your property and interfering with your tenants’ lives is a very fine one, and the balance is easily tipped one way or the other. Some landlords are all too keen to get involved and conduct … Continue reading

Internet Problems for Landlords

Tenants these days are absolutely reliant on the internet, and downtime can easily ruin their day. Many tenants now work from home or have businesses on the side that they depend on their home broadband for and even without work, … Continue reading

Do Your Tenants Clean Enough?

It doesn’t matter whether your tenants are clean during their tenancy, right? So long as they return the property to you in good shape, you can then take what you need to from the deposit and all is fine. Well, … Continue reading

Tradesmen and Landlords

Though a lot of landlords are very proficient at DIY tasks and it’s often cheaper to do as many jobs yourself as you can, sometimes you just need to call in a tradesman. However, whenever you relinquish your work to … Continue reading

Reimbursing Your Tenants

Sometimes emergencies will call for your tenants to shell out for a cost that they shouldn’t have to pay. If you’re out of the country and a pipe bursts or there’s a gas leak then your tenants will have had … Continue reading

Savings and Landlords

Though we all love to go out and spend once in a while, the natural reaction we have with money is to save it away for a rainy day. As a landlord, savings matter twofold and the level that both … Continue reading

Quick Response Times

Responding to tenant queries can be a real nightmare at times. Despite there being many other things going on in your life, it’s the tenant’s leaky fridge that probably needs to be dealt with first. This was highlighted just last … Continue reading


Hopefully an eviction is something that you will never have to deal with as a landlord. Most tenants are reliable, pay on time and it’s these tenants that make the buy-to-let world go around. However, evictions do happen and occasionally … Continue reading